Q. Can scratches made by my dog’s nails be removed from the Pet Peek™?
A. Yes, using a white toothpaste (one without fluoride), gently rub the paste into the scratched area. Remove the paste and buff using a soft cloth (do not use paper towels). A quick spray with your garden hose will help keep your Pet Peek™ clean.

Q. Will placing a Pet Peek™ in our privacy fence compromise our privacy?
A. Pet Peek™ placement into your fence is usually 24-36 inches up from the ground (depending upon your Pets height). Trying to look in from the outside is distorted and difficult.

Q. Living in a state where the temperature sometimes drops below zero, will cold crack a Pet Peek™?
A. We have received no reports about a Pet Peek™ cracking due to cold.

Q. My dog enjoys meeting new people and other dogs in his enthusiasm I’m concerned he might break through his Pet Peek™. Any reports of breakouts?
A. Numerous tests of the products durability, including being hit by a hammer did not produce enough damage to allow a dog to escape. No reported breakouts.

Q. What tools are needed for installation of the Pet Peek™?
A. Safety glasses, medal measuring tape, pencil, circle saw and a drill. There is a video on this website showing the steps of installation. The Pet Peek™ comes to you with all necessary hardware, and installation instructions.

Q. I live in a Home Owners Assc. neighborhood Can I install a Pet Peek™ into my fence?
A. Not without written permission from the HOA.

Q. Suggestions for placement of the Pet Peek™.
A. Front or side of your fence not shared with another. Gates/doors. If you want to install into a shared fence be sure to receive written permission from the neighbor that shares.

Q. Any other uses beyond fences for the Pet Peek™?
A. So glad you asked! A partial list for other uses:
Dog Houses (would you want to live in a house with no windows?). Dog runs, Dog kennels, Playhouses for children, Landscaping projects, Interior Design projects. The Smithsonian Museum, in Washington DC used a Pet Peek™ in their, Man on the Moon, display. View other unique applications on this website under TAB, Woof Views.
Just use your imagination!

Q. What materials can I install the Pet Peek™ into?
A. Wooden panel fencing, vinyl fencing, wooden doors and drywall. The depth of the mounting surface should be measured for best placement. The Pet Peek™ is a convex dome 5 inches in depth and 12 1/2 inches in circumference.

Q. How safe is the Pet Peek™
A. Any person or animal on the outside of a fence with an installed Pet Peek™ cannot touch the dog that’s behind the dome. Likewise the dog on the inside looking out cannot touch those on the outside.. Safety on both sides of the fence.

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